Slice Card Review 2023, The Ultimate Cashback Card?

Slice Card are a significant conversation in the market nowadays. It is no secret that the company has big plans for this year. That said, they have released a detailed report on their vision for the future. This post will review all of the different benefits and services offered by Slice. Slice credit cards are advanced by design but require much work to master to keep up with your daily spending. The reports are easy to use and invaluable when managing your finances or budgeting money. This Visa is one such Slice Card that is additionally given to understudies. Slice company asserts that no CIBIL score is seen while giving this card. 

Slice Card

What is a Slice Card?

Slice Card is a personal non-working credit card that can be used as an ID or a debit card. It is a plastic card that contains a chip. Inside the chip are all the details of your account. It empowers the user to save money and create a budget for their lifestyle.

How do Slice Cards Work?

Slice has made it easy for users to monitor every part of their budgeting process. All you need to do is to follow some basic steps:

  1. Login into your Slice account.
  2. Choose any expense from the left chart and click “check.”
  3. Type in your daily income or calculate your monthly payment based on all your expenses.
  4. Choose the amount you want to save.
  5. Click “Check” If the balance is lower than your target balance, nothing happens. And if it’s higher, the next thing that happens is that the money gets transferred into your bank account. You can use this card as a debit card, also.

Slice Credit Card Features and Benefits

Get instant 2% cash back

Save money on all your everyday purchases; using your Slice card, you can get instant 2% cash back on everything you want to buy. There are no limits to the amount of cashback that you can earn.

Get Rewards Faster

The rewards may take time to accumulate, but with Slice, it is different because they are sent directly into your bank account as soon as the transaction goes through. So, remember to use your Slice card the next time you go shopping and get rewards instantly.

You can transfer money from any bank account

When using a Slice card, you can quickly transfer money from any bank account, even a foreign one. You will be charged Rs 25 per transaction, which will be deducted automatically from wherever you are transferred. You can even transfer money to any bank account in India.

Pay bills online

You often need to pay them late because you need more time or have forgotten. If that is the case, you can quickly pay your bills online with the help of a Slice card. All you need to do is log on to their website and find the account you want to pay. 

You can get your bills on the go

If you want to avoid standing in huge queues and waiting for hours to pay your bills, then you can use the Slice bill payment app. It is very similar to Paytm but with more benefits.

QR Code Technology

The best thing about Slice cards is that they have QR code technology, making shopping easy and fast. You can use your Slice card to pay at any Indian shop. The cash will then be credited instantly to your bank account.

Slice Card

Should you get a Slice Credit Card?

Many of you already have a credit card; the question here is whether you should get a Slice Credit Card; here is why:

  1. You can earn 2% cashback on all your purchases. 
  2. Your company card may come with many charges, so it is better to use your bank card, which comes with no additional costs. 
  3. You would be able to save money and not spend it in the wrong places because you know all your expenses and what will help you save more money in the long run. 
  4. It is the only card allowing you to earn cash back instantly. 
  5. You can manage your payments online, making it easy to make them on time and avoid bad credit history. 

Slice Card Review

This card is mainly given to understudies but also has other customers. The card has many benefits, and Slice has made it easy for customers to get this card. Credit cards may be helpful if you have a good credit history and have maintained the required limit or even if you need to make bulk purchases for school or college expenses. You can also use the offer of earning 2% cashback on all purchases made using this card. The interest rate is low but could be reduced if you want to save more money. So, make sure that it’s something you know how to handle and are ready and able to do so.

Final Verdict

The Slice card is necessary because you will enjoy many benefits and services. The best thing about this card is that it gives back to you through cashback; that’s why it’s a perfect credit card for a young individual or anyone trying to start earning money to save more and be better.

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